Initial golf course that is cannabis-themed?

Initial golf course that is cannabis-themed?

a greens in Ontario intends to function as the very first course that is cannabis-themed Canada. Rolling Greens in Lombard, near Smith’s Falls, enables golfers to savor cannabis while additionally teeing down in the green.

In accordance with Gordon Weiske, manager of activity at Rolling Greens, these are generally calling by themselves “Canada’s very first cannabis-themed tennis and activity destination.”

Weiske stated that whenever cannabis had been legalized into the country, they looked over how to overcome it. Therefore while everyone else wished to be an authorized producer or Retailer, they thought about looking after the entertainment and tourist market and decided that a cannabis-themed greens will what is cbd oil make a great concept. They got 164 acres, in the end.

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The course once was named the Lombard Glen Golf and Country Club. Nonetheless, one or two hours months ago, it had been rebranded and purchased. Regardless of the strict laws surrounding cannabis across Canada, golf courses are among the locations where can certainly still create their very own guidelines. Read more